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Are your clothes looking dull and dry? Switch to Tropical Dew Fabric Conditioner with Anti-Static Technology that not only makes your clothes super soft & fresh but it also minimizes the static charge in them which prevents the accumulation of dust. Make the right choice not just for your clothes, but for your delicate skin and the environment.

Country of Origin: India

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For Top Load
Pour 1 cap (40 ml for 6 kg load) of Fabric Conditioner in the last rinse cycle of the detergent wash followed by spin & dry.

For Front Load
Add 1 cap (40 ml for 6 kg load) of Fabric Conditioner in the Fabric Conditioner compartment of the machine at the beginning of the wash cycle. Select a program as per the type of clothes, ensure that the fabric conditioner is released at the last cycle of the wash followed by spin & dry.

For Hand Wash
Dilute 1/2 cap of Fabric Conditioner into 8 – 10 liters of water. Dip the washed & rinsed clothes. Do not wring it too hard. Set it out to dry in the sun.

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450 ML, 900 ML


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